The Book List

Books that I want to read:

Plato – The Republic (Wow! How little things have changed from the times of Plato and Socrates? This book is worth a read. I like these kinds of books! But I got to say The Republic that Socrates describes is quite cruel since children are taken away from their real parents to be raised by professional care givers.)

Drew Magary – The Postmortal  (I don’t really recommend it, the story is intriguing but the writer is quite bad at speaking in different voices of the characters. Also a pretty sad image of women is represented.)

Miyamoto Musashi – The book of five rings (A japanese sensei wrote a book about battles and warfare, and how to use skills you learnt in the practical life as well.)

Ella Woodward – Deliciously Ella (A girl who healed herself through vegetarian basen non-glutein diet wrote a cookbook. Hmm, must try!)

Gandhi – Road of love and peace (Read it and recommend it, a lot of wise words about finding the Truth aka God, made me think of religion and the relationship with God, even though I don’t belong in any church, I find that I don’t have to, to have a relation with God.)

Osho – Creativity (Loved it! His thoughs flow nicely and are wise.)

Wild Woman in the Bedroom -Layla Martin (Hooot! Layla gives a lot of tips how to start loving yourself as a whole. As a woman. She describes how to get rid of all the shame, guilt and disgust you have for sex and sexuality. She is totally awesome.)

Ester Pherel – Mating in Captivity

A.A. Armstrong – Queen’s code

Emily Nagoski – Come as you are

Yogananda – Biography of a yogi

Eric Ries – The Lean Start-up

Yunus Emre – Sufi poet

Jon Krakauer – Into the Wild

Arthur Janov – Life before birth

Nancy Ann Tappe – Understanding life through color

Zen to Done -Leo Babauta