The Schedule

A day in a life of me. At least somedays I’m this lame!

6 AMwake up to a ‘radio and light’ alarm clock, stretch and look out of the window

  • Drink water
  • Wash face/shower, brush teeth
  • (no checking iPhone in the morning!!!)

6.30 AM – light a candle

  • 20 min ashtanga yoga (not when having period, only stretch a bit on the yoga mat)
  • 10 min meditation

7 AM – make tea

  • Yogi coco tea with hazelnut milk (in every tea bag they have nice mindfulness quotes that are nice to read, and the taste is better than a Starbucks Chai Latte. Yogi tea is my favourite, I could die for this combination.)
  • 30-60 minutes of reading a book of my choice (my book list here)

8 AM – make breakfast

  • I am bad at eating breakfast but some fruits, chia-pudding and rice crackers with hummus (salty) or coconut milk/tahini sprinkled with raw cocoa nibs (sweet) on top are nice. When I get a blender, I will start to make smoothies from banana, berries, greens and all that healthy good stuff.
  • Watch news while eating (mindful eating is torture for me, I need to watch something while I eat, another bad habit to kick)

9 AM – write the book

10 AM – clean something in the house

  • take out the trash and get some fresh air too

10.30 AM – work on

  • School stuff
  • Projects
  • Voice exercises and singing

12 – lunch

  • Veggies in oil, lentils, rice noodles, hot water (everything tastes good as a soup haha), spices, beans, peas, peanuts, seeds, greens and that’s it. Easy, fast and everytime so delicious.
  • Watch inspiring stuff while eating (Ted Talks, documentaries, vlogs of incredible people etc)

1 PM – Check email

  • Free webtime (Facebook and news and all that)

2 PM – Free notwebtime

  • Read a book
  • Draw
  • Work on projects
  • Go out to the nature
  • Grocery shopping

3 PM – eat a snack

4 PM – update your blog

  • chat with friends and family

5 PM – relax in candle light, pray, write, stretch

5.30 PM – cook dinner

  • eat and watch what you like
  • computer tiiime (chat, play games, reddit, surf the web, do what you like)

8 PM – down time

  • plan the next day
  • chill/read a book

9 PM – light stretches/yoga

  • self-massage
  • 10 min meditation

10 PM – sleep