When someone is acting like a b*tch

When ever I feel negative towards other people, I remind myself that we are in the same team. I get these moments a lot, when I am annoyed by human company. But it’s just me, it’s not them, and I’ve overcome my social fears quite well. It has become easier to be myself with other […]

Don’t let me down

When someone let’s you down, you may feel negative feelings towards this person. But if you really think about it, and drop the story “She did this to me! That’s why I feel this way.. She let me down.”, you can concentrate on the feeling and figure out it’s true origin. It is fear or […]

What a morning!

I just had a lovely morning with my father and his family (wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law). Also the best dog in the world was there, Wita. I was home, sitting on the computer, when my father called me, that they are in my city and can take me to lunch. I said okey and they […]

What do I resist?

I wrote a few days ago about resistance. I am doing meditation exercises where I think about who and what do I resist? I have been seeing and feeling couple of people and things that I resist. Today I saw myself. The one thing I am actually truly mostly resisting, is myself. My feelings and […]

The stories we tell ourselves

We tell ourselves stories everyday. We tell stories about things, about situations that happen, about ourselves and others. If those stories are negative, we are growing a negative energy inside and outside of us. We invite in our life what we think we deserve. We call out a similar energy to our environment, that is […]

Changing negative into neutral

Today I concentrated to think about what I resist in life. The first things in my mind came are people and things I have a negative attitude towards.. Someone who annoys me by just his presence, someone who has criticized me without a reason, an organisation that has led me down. All this negative energy […]

2 days after not being mindful

After not meditating for two days, I felt that I had a lot going on in my mind. A lot of stuff to deal with. A lot of stress. Here are few things that raise to my mind:   my bad attitude towards my roommates my insecurity about the way I look media work stress, […]

Secret to happiness

I’ve heard this secret to happiness many times. I guess it means that the secret is out! What makes us truly happy is surprise surprise not our own “happiness”. It is in fact (according to many happy people) making other people happy. Of course it is not trumping on your own needs and happiness and lifting […]

Coffee, please!

This post isn’t really about coffee. It is about knowing yourself. Meditation helped me to start to feel my body again. I never used to really know the outlines of my body, I could imagine “in my mind” that my belly would be for example larger, this must be due to the fear I’ve learned […]