Tapping for acceptance

I have been doing tummy massaging, and it has helped for relaxation. (Also I went to yoga class, where we hummed and ommed while doing yoga and that made me relax+stretch much more which was so cool). Anyway I’ve been trying tapping as well and I have made such a progress with that. I have used it with my boyfriend as well. I have released some feelings that come with it. Today I focused on the tension in my belly, and also the way I use to feel about my looks. I kept saying that I accept myself now, even though I have not loved my body before. I talked to it. I told my body that we are no longer separate, and that we are now together and love each other. I will protect, love, accept and listen to my body. Most of all I will protect it from my mean self.

I don’t remember everything of the experience, I just know it was powerful. Tears came up, and I cleansed the tension of not being good looking enough, good enough, telling myself/body that YOU ARE good enough just like this, just like this, just like this. And that you are enough, just like this, I will love you, even though some other people wouldn’t, and those other people won’t matter, cause the only love you need, is from within. I ended with a rebirth dance to a song “Hello World”, that’s how I felt, like I was helloing the world first time, more like myself (hello world, this is me).

Also dancing makes you feel alive inside!


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