Old unpublished bus encounters

13.11 I helped a woman to collect her stuff after her purse fell and all the insides spread on the bus floor. She never thanked me.

16.11 Handicapped man talked with me all ride about washing laundry and swimming and his mother. He told me his father and brother are dead and that he dreams about them.

26.11 I met a young supershy boy who I already knew from work since he had been doing an internship in our firm. I talked to him the whole journey. We sat in the last seats in the bus and there was a young boy between us the whole time listening all our jibber jabber.

28.11 I was waiting a buss with a mother who had two little children and a baby in a troller. She told me the buss will come in half an hour (too long to wait!). I told her there was another bus stop and another bus just coming, and she said lets try to catch that one and we started running with her pushing the troller and her two children running by our sides.. When I saw the bus stop and the bus parked there, I ran as the mother was left behind. I told the driver there was still a mother coming and he answered me annoyed “Hurry up then!”, I told she had a troller and he said they don’t fit in, I yell the mother the troller woudn’t fit in, so she stopped running and the busdriver closed the doors in front of me. I could only see a glimpse of the family as they were left behind.. (It made me very sad.)

8.12 I met my former Swedish teacher in the bus. It was super crowded in the buss. I know she rides the same buses a lot, so I thought it would be a brilliant chance to talk to her, since I hadn’t before gotten a good chance. I said to her “hey aren’t you my former swedish teacher?” She smiled and said that it is very possible. I learned that she is teaching now other students in the faculty and has two children aged 4 and 6.

10.12 I high-fived a foreign man. (I have no idea why I did that, meaning I was the one hoping he’d high five me back, and he did!)

11.12 I met that young super shy boy again. He was going on a holiday. I sat with him the bus ride and we talked about Christmas plans and presents and all that. I asked someone else to push the button for me because I couldn’t reach it. He did.

Oh and I stopped taking the bus cause I moved to the city. Bus encounters are super great though and I miss them. They made me have that special moment in your day. Love, Heldorc


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