War with Evil

When humans first developed, we were all the time in danger. All kinds of beast wanted to eat us. Our reactions of fear and aggression were normal and important to stay alive. It can be hard to believe but the human race use to be much more violent than it is now. If you think about it, it’s not hard to believe at all. There was “eye for an eye”-laws, death penalties for stealing bread or standing up to your parents AND death was a form of amusement; people use to watch other people or animals being tortured and killed. There was a lot of wars and war crimes, genocides, mass murders, conspiracies to kill the authorities, enslavery and much more. A lot of those “normal” things are prohibited in the laws and are considered barbaric today. We have been able to fix a lot of wrongs. We are as a human species developing into a better species all the time. We are closer and closer to seeing what is right and what is wrong. I know because of the evidence from the past. I know that there is not only hope for humanity but it is alive and well and getting hold of more and more people. One by one.

There is still some injustice in the world. And we need people to see them and correct them. And I know they will. Humans continue to develop all the time. We use to have a dream of consumerism, that everyone (in the west) would have money to buy everything they want. And after we achieved that dream, we noticed, “Well, that didn’t make us happy.”. More and more people are realising this all the time, when people in the “poor” cultures that still value family and love more than consumerism are dreaming about it. I would not call them poor, because they are more rich than they think they are. If money is all you have, then oh lord you are a poor person. An university lecturer I was listening said “we are in-between dreams” and I agree. Some of us are lost, not knowing what to dream about, when some of us are dreaming about getting more and more and more, these people too will soon find out what the third kind of people are dreaming about. You can never get enough to fill in a void inside you. The third kind of people are not in between dreams anymore but they have a dream. A dream of more sustainable and ethical world, in all parts.

We have three paths to choose from:

  1. Evil
  2. Passivism
  3. Activism

And I choose number three. I am going to chase that dream. Love, Heldorc


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