7 things that changed my life

1. Meditation

  • I have come to be more self-aware, more appreciative and thankful.
  • Started to relax, to stop in the moment. After a while, everything seems better!
  • I make realizations why and how without judgement
  • I was able to realize who I am and what I’m not. Not sickness, neurosis, not even thoughts nor myfeelings. I am like the blue sky. Sometimes there are clouds and rain but when I go high enough, there is always peace.

2. Minimalism

I stopped hoarding stuff. I realixed shopping didn’t make me happy. I soon saw behind consumerialism and what our true values should be: nature, love, happiness, simplicity, gratitude.. Money can’t buy happiness. And all the time we spend making money… Well that’s time away from our lives, time we could be enjoying, we could be living.

3. Veganism – diet change

I realized I don’t want no more suffering for the sake of my food. I have  felt my love for animals grow and I can be more true to myself and my values of human and animal life and freedom.

4. Gandhi’s teachings

Learning about love and God was one step for me. I never was a believer but now I see I don’t have to belong to a church to have a relationship with God, The Universe, Mother Nature, Allah, whatever you wanna call it, Life.

5. Realization that I can reprogram myself, myself

I can take responsibility of my own happiness and health. I make the decisions in my life, and I don’t blame others for my feelings.

6. Yoga

Yoga is about taking care and loving your body, it is a moment to spend time with oneself and go deep into yourself. It doesn’t matter if you ever do a backbend but what kind of person you become on the way of practice. Namaste.

7. This realization: how to break a vicious circle of negativity?

  • A) notice the negative feelings
  • B) realize that these feelings lie in you, do not blame anyone or thing of your feelings
  • C) do not think they are a part of “you”
  • D) realize that when you change, others change

When you change, the world around you changes! It’s the law of attraction. Love, Heldorc


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