Love infected

When you love someone but it goes to waste.. Thats how Coldplay put it. For me it means that you do all these things for the person you love and don’t get it back. Or at least it used to. Then I think about it again.

We are all unique. We are all damaged by life. We are all together in sickness and in health. But we act out our parts differently. So this makes us show our damaged little love differently.

I have ways to show love and affection, like giving really great massages and sending some loving feelings to the body, and looking deep in the eyes, giving lots of kisses. Now this is only one way to show affection. This is my way.

I sometimes find myself expecting the same kind of expressions showing love. Though I think my partner has a different way of showing that. When I get upset, I swell in thinking why doesn’t he do this and that (the same things I do). But instaed I should be thinking the things he does do. He does a lot.

When one is upset, one usually turn his focus on things that one finds unsettling, and brings more disturbance in the moodlings one is having. But starting to think all the things you do and all the things your so never does, is just comparing. You love your so and want to do those things. You dont do them to get something in return. We must love unconditionally, even though we fail sometimes and fall into a childlish acts of comparing, blaming, trying to make deals “you do this and i do that”, playing a martur “i always do that”. Lets face it and say I acted like a child, and i was wrong. I will accept you and our relation as it is. And how it evolves naturally. 


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