Wishing happiness: try this at home

I have been meditating to wishing for happiness. I have wished happiness for myself, for a neutral person and a for a “hostile” person. I focus on each one at a time, then in the end I visualize us in the same room and that our happiness is mutual. This has been ok. It makes […]

Tapping for acceptance

I have been doing tummy massaging, and it has helped for relaxation. (Also I went to yoga class, where we hummed and ommed while doing yoga and that made me relax+stretch much more which was so cool). Anyway I’ve been trying tapping as well and I have made such a progress with that. I have […]

Two good advice on productive work

Be gentle with yourself : When you produce something, it is good to not judge and criticize it, but to approach it as you would, when a young child brings you her drawings, you tell her “Oh wow, how wonderful drawings!”, and that’s how you are kind to yourself, how you can get better with […]

Resistance vol.2

Resistance. I realized today that it is me and my feelings and thoughts that I am resisting. It is not someone else or something else, those are just mirrors for my own feelings and thoughts. It makes me feel anxiety. I am not what I want to be, I don’t do what I want to […]

Resistance is futile

Today I concentrated to think about what I resist in life. The first things in my mind came are people and things I have a negative attitude towards.. Someone who annoys me by just his presence, someone who has criticized me without a reason, an organisation that has led me down. All this negative energy […]

Old unpublished bus encounters

13.11 I helped a woman to collect her stuff after her purse fell and all the insides spread on the bus floor. She never thanked me. 16.11 Handicapped man talked with me all ride about washing laundry and swimming and his mother. He told me his father and brother are dead and that he dreams […]

War with Evil

When humans first developed, we were all the time in danger. All kinds of beast wanted to eat us. Our reactions of fear and aggression were normal and important to stay alive. It can be hard to believe but the human race use to be much more violent than it is now. If you think […]

7 things that changed my life

1. Meditation I have come to be more self-aware, more appreciative and thankful. Started to relax, to stop in the moment. After a while, everything seems better! I make realizations why and how without judgement I was able to realize who I am and what I’m not. Not sickness, neurosis, not even thoughts nor myfeelings. I am […]

Love infected

When you love someone but it goes to waste.. Thats how Coldplay put it. For me it means that you do all these things for the person you love and don’t get it back. Or at least it used to. Then I think about it again. We are all unique. We are all damaged by […]